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Hero Dog finds three children trapped after quake...

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* Me and my parents tried dog training feeding to help him eat the right foods.

Bill Monahan and his border collie, Hunter, were searching a neighborhood near the Presidential Palace, going through the remains of a four-story building, when Hunter gave a bark alert. Monahan passed the three children water in bottles tied to the end of a stick.

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* You may want to try dog training feeding to help with your dog's behavior.

Snuggie For Dogs - Review of the Dog Sweater
By []Shannon M.

No other invention has become as popular as quick as the Snuggie. For those that don't know, it all started when one day, a college student was trying to change the the channel with the remote under his blanket. Obviously the television sensors wouldn't be able to pick up the signal. So he cut a hole in his blanket to make it work. He then instructed his mom to make a blanket with sleeves. Soon enough, the Snuggie craze began.

As mentioned, a Snuggie is simply a blanket with sleeves. Why is this useful? Simply because your arms will be kept warm while at the same time, you can be free to use your hands for tasks such as grabbing items, changing the TV channel, or drinking a beverage.

Snuggie's quickly grew to fame after being seen on many TV shows being endorsed by celebrities. Ellen DeGeneres and the Today show helped bring publicity to it. On the other hand, comedians like Jay Leno and Jon Stewart poked fun at the concept.

Snuggie has recently launched a new version: Snuggie for dogs.

The Snuggie for dogs is a great invention for dog lovers. Dogs are known to be man's best friend. Why not treat your dog the same way you treat yourself? Snuggie for dogs looks like a normal dog sweater garment. It comes in the same colors as regular Snuggies and can match yours. Snuggie for dogs goes on in just seconds. Most pet clothing requires you to force your pet's head and feet into tiny sleeves. With Snuggie for dogs, it goes on from the bottom up and simply attaches by velcro. Machine washable so you can take your pet outside and no longer have to worry about your dog's clothing getting dirty! Any dog owner will know that dogs like to get under the blanket to keep warm. They will no longer need to do that with this. Let your dog watch TV with you!

Benefits of Snuggie For Dogs

- Easy to put on. No need to force your dog's head and feet into sleeves.

- Comes in red or blue. Perfect for either a male or female dog.

- Not for indoors only. Snuggies can be used outdoors

- Doesn't irritate your pet. Most clothing for pets are made of itchy material or contain exposed tags.

- Comes in 4 sizes. Fits any dog size.

- Can be used for cats too!

- It will match your Snuggie :)

Order your []Snuggie for dogs before Winter comes.

Article Source: [] Snuggie For Dogs - Review of the Dog Sweater